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Web hosting plans

Compare web hosting plans This table shows the best out of over 2000 web hosting plans across the world. Compare prices of web hosting without borders or currency conversion.

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Compare web hosting plans

This table shows the best out of over 2000 web hosting plans across the world. Compare prices of web hosting without borders or currency conversion.

Monthly cost

Hard drive

Optic EmpireStarterHUF1,376 12000 MB500 MBAustralia AustraliaUP
Description: create cloud server, cloud based server hosting, cloud application server
EstugoGambio Hosting BasicHUF3,238 1024000 MB14.64GBGermany GermanyUP
Description: ruby server monitoring, gfi server monitor, wow mop private server
gogetspace.comUnlimitedHUF1,073 UnlimitedUnlimitedUnited States United StatesUP
Description: cloud based server backup solutions, server monitoring tool, cloud hosted servers
040hosting.euGreenHUF16,204 Unlimited20GBUP
Description: online server monitor, dedicated server with cpanel, create a cloud server
hostpapa.co.ukBusiness ProHUF3,243 UnlimitedUnlimited UP
Description: dedicated server hosting australia, cloud based server backup, server backups
netcup.euPrivateSHUF483 Scalable10GBUP
Description: server monitor android, raid server recovery, sql server recovery
Net-Spacy IT-Services GmbHWeb Shop XLHUF12,960 Unlimited150GBGermany GermanyUP
Description: cloud backup services for servers, server monitoring cloud, windows server monitoring tools
nq.plNQ StartHUF1,252 5TB20GBUP
Description: exchange server monitoring, windows server recovery, server monitoring
siteground.comstart-upHUF1,073 10GBUnlimitedUnited States United StatesUP
Description: running wordpress on windows server, linux server monitoring, windows 2008 server backup
ideastackhosting.comBronzeHUF798 100GB5GBUnited States United StatesUP
Description: cloud file servers, sql server backup strategy, small business server backup solutions
domain-webBeginner 1000 MB 0,69 EURHUF224 Unlimited0.97GBGermany GermanyUP
Description: systems management server, windows cloud servers, cloud backup servers
EstugoLight WebHUF645 512000 MB0.24GBGermany GermanyDOWN
Description: best server backup solution, server cloud canada, cost of cloud server
Alfahosting GmbHBusiness XLHUF4,210 Unlimited200.00GBGermany GermanyUP
Description: xen server backup, monitor windows server performance, server backup solution
WEB-SHOP-HOSTINGPaket LHUF4,213 Unlimited60GBGermany GermanyUP
Description: back up servers, server on cloud, cloud server setup
webgo GmbHWebhosting Business 250GBHUF5,493 Unlimited250GBGermany GermanyUP
Description: cloud server host, cloud server services, server disaster recovery
CANEXPERTEXP-BASICHUF162 Unlimited1000 MBGermany GermanyUP
Description: how to backup server, performance monitor windows server 2008 r2, monitoring server performance
hostinger.co.ukBusinessHUF1,446 UnlimitedUnlimitedUP
Description: online server backup solutions, monitoring server software, cloud vs server
davaowebhosting.comBasicHUF716 500MB5GBPhillipinesUP
Description: server image backup, sql server backup table, cloud virtual servers
Host-On.de Internet Service ProviderWebspace-LHUF1,944 Unlimited6GBGermany GermanyUP
Description: cloud server solutions, window server backup, cloud backup for servers
ait.comUltimateHUF2,193 UnlimitedUnlimitedUP
Description: hp server monitoring software, australian dedicated server hosting, servermonitor
123-reg.co.ukEssentialsHUF902 10GBUnlimited UP
Description: server network monitoring software, windows server 2003 installation, server network monitoring
nogics.comBusiness ProHUF2,174 250GB20GBGermany GermanyUP
Description: server backup system, online server backups, cloud based mail server
digitalhost.netBronzeHUF2,064 5GB200MBUP
Description: online server backup, windows server backup system state, cloud plex server
DomainFactoryHomepage-Baukasten BusinessHUF4,210 Unlimited9,77GBGermany GermanyDOWN
Description: cloud server provider, server monitoring dashboard, simple server monitoring
Adam InternetEZBiz Hosting Standard 250HUF12,613 20000 MB250 MBAustralia AustraliaUP
Description: cloud servers reviews, server 2008 image backup, sql server with check option
uk2.netBusinessHUF1,595 UnlimitedUnmetered UP
Description: backblaze server backup, creating a cloud server, web server monitoring tools
netregistry.com.auStarterHUF2,725 500GB20GBAustralia AustraliaUP
Description: cloud server costs, windows server 2003 group policy editor, best server backup
westnic.neteStartHUF1,624 UnlimitedUnlimitedUnited States United StatesUP
Description: cloud backup server, datacenter server architecture, online backup servers
cfdynamics.comSuperHeroHUF34,389 400GB50GBUP
Description: server backup tools, server cloud, server performance monitoring
Clusters GmbHhosting://primeHUF486 Unlimited2GBGermany GermanyUP
Description: web server monitoring, build a cloud server, windows server 2008 system restore

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