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Enterprise server monitoring

Server monitoring has never been easier. With Server-domain.xyz, you can easily monitor your website without knowledge of Linux or Windows servers. Is you are looking for an additional tool to check your website uptime, try us. We monitor dedicated servers, private cloud technologies and most known cloud services - AWS, Azure and Google cloud. Without specialized software, you are not able to find out if your website is slow. And how would you get to know that your site is down or running slow during the server backup, which is usually carried out in the night when you sleep?

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Enterprise server monitoring

Whether you are a website owner or IT specialist, you have to take care of your website. Nowadays, near-100% website uptime is critical for everyone who wants to run a website on the internet. Sonlein.com can help you when your website is down because of server error. Or we can tell you when your response time is getting critical. Why is it important to have a really fast website which will be available at any time?

  • High website availability is a critical metrics for search engines. If your website is down 2 hours per day, it probably does not contain valuable information.
  • Slow websites experience problems with indexing in search engines. Plus, there is an evidence of a 2-digit of percent decrease in income when your website is slow for users!
  • Without specialized software, you are not able to find out if your website is slow. And how would you get to know that your site is down or running slow during the server backup, which is usually carried out in the night when you sleep?



Why Server-domain.xyz?

There are many monitoring services around there. Our monitoring services are based on fair pricing, where you pay just for consumed requests. Moreover, unlike other services, we can provide you 3 different alert options:

  • Email alert (free)
  • SMS alert (EUR 0.2)
  • Phone call alert (EUR 0.2)

You can set up your own interval of monitoring, and a maximum number of ping failures, together with alert type we should send to you. Because of this, you are able to be informed even in situations, when you are not able to use the internet (roaming charges), or when you need to be alerted right now (when you sleep).


Compare web hosting plans

This table shows the best out of over 2000 web hosting plans across the world. Compare prices of web hosting without borders or currency conversion.

Monthly cost

Hard drive

Optic EmpireStarterHUF1,358 12000 MB500 MBAustralia AustraliaUP
Description: create cloud server, cloud based server hosting, cloud application server
EstugoGambio Hosting BasicHUF3,191 1024000 MB14.64GBGermany GermanyUP
Description: ruby server monitoring, gfi server monitor, wow mop private server
gogetspace.comUnlimitedHUF1,059 UnlimitedUnlimitedUnited States United StatesUP
Description: cloud based server backup solutions, server monitoring tool, cloud hosted servers
040hosting.euGreenHUF15,970 Unlimited20GBUP
Description: online server monitor, dedicated server with cpanel, create a cloud server
hostpapa.co.ukBusiness ProHUF3,262 UnlimitedUnlimited UP
Description: dedicated server hosting australia, cloud based server backup, server backups
netcup.euPrivateSHUF476 Scalable10GBUP
Description: server monitor android, raid server recovery, sql server recovery
Net-Spacy IT-Services GmbHWeb Shop XLHUF12,773 Unlimited150GBGermany GermanyUP
Description: cloud backup services for servers, server monitoring cloud, windows server monitoring tools
nq.plNQ StartHUF1,228 5TB20GBUP
Description: exchange server monitoring, windows server recovery, server monitoring
siteground.comstart-upHUF1,059 10GBUnlimitedUnited States United StatesUP
Description: running wordpress on windows server, linux server monitoring, windows 2008 server backup
ideastackhosting.comBronzeHUF788 100GB5GBUnited States United StatesUP
Description: cloud file servers, sql server backup strategy, small business server backup solutions
domain-webBeginner 1000 MB 0,69 EURHUF220 Unlimited0.97GBGermany GermanyUP
Description: systems management server, windows cloud servers, cloud backup servers
EstugoLight WebHUF636 512000 MB0.24GBGermany GermanyDOWN
Description: best server backup solution, server cloud canada, cost of cloud server
Alfahosting GmbHBusiness XLHUF4,149 Unlimited200.00GBGermany GermanyUP
Description: xen server backup, monitor windows server performance, server backup solution
WEB-SHOP-HOSTINGPaket LHUF4,152 Unlimited60GBGermany GermanyUP
Description: back up servers, server on cloud, cloud server setup
webgo GmbHWebhosting Business 250GBHUF5,414 Unlimited250GBGermany GermanyUP
Description: cloud server host, cloud server services, server disaster recovery
CANEXPERTEXP-BASICHUF160 Unlimited1000 MBGermany GermanyUP
Description: how to backup server, performance monitor windows server 2008 r2, monitoring server performance
hostinger.co.ukBusinessHUF1,454 UnlimitedUnlimitedUP
Description: online server backup solutions, monitoring server software, cloud vs server
davaowebhosting.comBasicHUF706 500MB5GBPhillipinesUP
Description: server image backup, sql server backup table, cloud virtual servers
Host-On.de Internet Service ProviderWebspace-LHUF1,916 Unlimited6GBGermany GermanyUP
Description: cloud server solutions, window server backup, cloud backup for servers
ait.comUltimateHUF2,165 UnlimitedUnlimitedUP
Description: hp server monitoring software, australian dedicated server hosting, servermonitor
123-reg.co.ukEssentialsHUF907 10GBUnlimited UP
Description: server network monitoring software, windows server 2003 installation, server network monitoring
nogics.comBusiness ProHUF2,146 250GB20GBGermany GermanyUP
Description: server backup system, online server backups, cloud based mail server
digitalhost.netBronzeHUF2,037 5GB200MBUP
Description: online server backup, windows server backup system state, cloud plex server
DomainFactoryHomepage-Baukasten BusinessHUF4,149 Unlimited9,77GBGermany GermanyDOWN
Description: cloud server provider, server monitoring dashboard, simple server monitoring
Adam InternetEZBiz Hosting Standard 250HUF12,449 20000 MB250 MBAustralia AustraliaUP
Description: cloud servers reviews, server 2008 image backup, sql server with check option
uk2.netBusinessHUF1,604 UnlimitedUnmetered UP
Description: backblaze server backup, creating a cloud server, web server monitoring tools
netregistry.com.auStarterHUF2,689 500GB20GBAustralia AustraliaUP
Description: cloud server costs, windows server 2003 group policy editor, best server backup
westnic.neteStartHUF1,603 UnlimitedUnlimitedUnited States United StatesUP
Description: cloud backup server, datacenter server architecture, online backup servers
cfdynamics.comSuperHeroHUF33,944 400GB50GBUP
Description: server backup tools, server cloud, server performance monitoring
Clusters GmbHhosting://primeHUF479 Unlimited2GBGermany GermanyUP
Description: web server monitoring, build a cloud server, windows server 2008 system restore


TLD finder

Date: 2017-03-27, 2 months ago

Are you looking for a new domain name? Try this tool, we can suggest you still free domain names for a fraction of price of premium domain names.


Gps fleet tracking

Date: 2017-09-15

GPS fleet tracking is a must for every business company, which business rely on transportation. Starting from Taxi company, local logistic firm or worldwide companies like DHL, FedEx, PPL and many others. Basically the software is monitoring the positions of your vehicles, trains, airplanes or maybe ships. But this is just a really small part of the information that this software can offer.

The main information this software produce is practically non-relevant to GPS tracking. The logistic operators use it to manage the fleet, distribute the cargo between vehicles, counting the price, planning best possible route and so on. The GPS position of the car is the smallest part of this puzzle. It is mainly for monitoring the progress and remote assistance. Business managers has many reports from this software, they making strategic decisions according to that reports. In common logistic firm is GPS fleet tracking software the only or the main software they use – accountant has all the data for invoices, for personal wages, they can found practically everything they need in this very complex software. Therefore these software is really expensive, most of the big firms has whole IT department dedicated to develop and maintain it.


Not just sports stream online or for mobile in Czech Republic

Date: 2017-09-20, 1 months ago

Services of this type have recently been propagated as fungus after rain. And the lawsuits are proliferating because the owners of traditional television stations realize that they are losing money. They are therefore trying to put everything in the official plane so they can do something about themselves. As they come out, we will see them in the coming months and next year.

We will look at what is officially available today, at least for some representative selection, knowing that other services, such as sledovanitv.cz or 4network.tv, exist besides the applications mentioned below.

You often require a connection through a partner network or special registration. If you are interested in them, you may be able to find information from your ISP. Today, similar services really try to get offer for everyone.

DVB-T on the go

As indicated, we'll focus on specific live streaming services that are not distributed to your home network, but to your laptops, especially tablets and mobile phones with a variety of operating systems.

Services can be divided into several aspects. First, depending on who they are intended for (whether for a given TV broadcaster's customer or for anyone) whether they are free of charge or for a monthly fee, or depending on whether it is a single channel like National TV or multiple channels terrestrial broadcasting. It can also be all freely available on channels within DVB-T. So far, because when the paid ones appear, it will also be solved.

We have deliberately excluded online streaming video services (VODs) from TV channels or TV station archives, such as TV, Voyo, Filmbox Live or Prima Play. We'll take care of them the next time.

We will also not talk about the online graboj.cz video recorder that allows DVB-T to record or various DVB-T tuners for notebooks or even mobile phones such as Evolveo XtraTV Stick.

Today, we will focus on live streaming mobile traffic on the road via Wi-Fi or 3.5G and 4G (LTE) mobile data networks. Thanks to LTE already introduced in our country, such a stream can be high quality due to high bandwidth. Besides, in some cases I have tried it in this way at Filmbox Live, ČT24, ČT Sport and UPC Horizon Go. And I'll tell you - it's great!

Streaming Quality

It depends on two things - the speed and stability of your mobile internet connection and application capabilities. Some apps have image quality manually adjustable and often supplemented by automatic line speed control (CT applications), others have automatic only. For example, UPC Horizon Go.

But there is also the third thing that is fundamentally signed on the "quality of reception". That is, what stream is being put into circulation by the broadcaster himself.

In practice, sometimes the streaming broadcast looks great on the mobile phone or the phablet (phone-tablet), but less well on a tablet with a 10-inch screen.

In any case, as you can see, you can only influence the result a little.

And a note: Applications that can be spoken can be run on any data network, ie Wi-Fi, both home and public, as well as mobile data networks, without any specific operator. This also applies to O2TV or T-Mobile TV.

But in that case be prepared to pay for a service pack if you run the application on your mobile data network. Neither of the two mobile TV operators available yet offers relief in this respect.

ČT24 and ČT Sport: solid work and no trial anymore

Supported platforms: Apple iOS, Google Android, PC (Adobe Flash Player, Apple HTML5 browser), Samsung Bada, Symbian 3 and Windows Phone 7

Czech TV supports an unusual number of mobile platforms, next to the usual PC (Apple, Windows).

For small mobile devices such as tablet or smartphone, Google is now the most widely used Google Android platform where both applications have been tested.

Both CT24 and CT Sports are built on the same basis and available for download at the Google Play marketplace. They offer news and current live stream with a slight delay over DVB-T (in the order of a second), which is quite common with all services. In addition, they have just escaped from a long-term test broadcast, which is a "CT specialty". Fortunately, you still have the option of filling and submitting the form if you do not.

The application - unlike the iVysílání ČT dedicated to archive programs - works only for the respective channel, ie ČT24, and then for ČT Sport. Quality is adjustable in two modes - standard and high. You can also choose fullscreen mode, ie without the top Android screen, but be aware that on some mobile phones or tablet with touch screen buttons, the whole screen mode may not work.


Supported platforms: Apple iOS from version 7.0 above, Google Android 4.0 and above, Windows Phone, PC (web browser)

Mobile TV broadcasting about 20 different channels (BBC, CT Sport, CT1, Digi Sport 1, Fanda, FilmBox, Nickleodeon, Nova Cinema, Prima and TA3) was launched in May this year, and its owners got access to live TV up to four devices. As we have also informed you recently, by November, over 140,000 O2 customers have installed the app and more than 80% of them use it regularly, according to company statistics.

New service is available for anyone, just download the O2TV Go application, complete the registration information and pay a minimum monthly fee.

Although it has already been said, you can use O2TV Go no matter what mobile operator - or what Wi-Fi network - you are. You can also use the Time Shift feature and record programs to a limited extent. Quality setting is only automatic now.

Óčko: freely available in several variants

Supported platforms: Google Android, Symbian 3, Windows Phone 7 and PC (web browser)

There are actually three apps available on Android for one Óčko TV station. Classical Óčko, Óčko Gold and Óčko Expres. You can play them both in video mode and listening mode. The other is not always the case.

The classic Óčko offers its own program for seven days in advance, archive programs and vote for songs (Chart).

The application can manually set video quality in three steps or switch to auto. You can also choose full-screen mode, which may not work fine again, as mentioned above.

Poda net.TV: a purely member matter

Supported platforms: Apple iOS, Google Android 4.0 and higher, PC (web browser)

The service offers 20 DVB-T free-to-air programs and requires, besides downloading an application, a mobile Internet connection with a minimum of 2 Mbps for one connected device.

In the case of Android, you need to download the Poda.TV application, connect to the client zone based on your access data, and have the activation (pairing) code generated for each connected device that you then enter into the downloaded application.

There is also a program guide, the possibility to start programs up to four days back, stop live TV and also upload it if necessary.

Poda net.TV is available to those interested in Ostrava, Brna, South Bohemia and also in some places in Prague.

T-Mobile TV

Supported platforms: Apple iOS, Google Android from 2.3.1

The Google Play app is actually called "Mobile TV," but fortunately, it also looks after entering "T-Mobile TV". Upon registration, you have live broadcast for ten channels in the pilot operation, typically missing Barrandov TV. Otherwise, there are many interesting features, such as the possibility to return to the program menu for about 14 days, any program to be released for up to 48 hours after its broadcast, upload and save for up to 7 days (10 hours of space available ) or play back from the beginning. All this for the ten T-Mobile selected channels, including ČT, Prima, Nova and Film Europe.

T-Mobile TV is intended for up to two mobile devices that can use it at the same time, working with one of the above mentioned OS and having this recommended minimum configuration: a dual-core processor and 256 MB of RAM.

Receiving quality is controlled automatically, even commercials can be part of programs, and you can watch TV on the device without an inserted SIM (if you are on Wi-Fi).

TV4you: smart idea, but we do not know how it will end

Supported platforms: Apple iOS (as a web application), Google Android 4.0 and higher

For the service, a nonprofit organization based on the new Civil Code is known as "In4you, Inc.". It identifies its service as "Personal Streaming" and provides it for selected channels in the DVB-T ground broadcast. In their own words, these are "channels to which a user has acquired rights, e.g. in the form of a concessionary fee".

TV4you cooperates on this service with several partners, especially the West Bohemian University of Plzeň and Smart Media Solution. This is known primarily for creating excellent Applications for Czech Television.

In terms of quality settings, there is an automatic and two manual options available.

At present, a service providing thirteen channels is the subject of litigation, the outcome of which will undoubtedly affect other streaming of live TV in our country.

UPC Horizon Go: A promising start for UPC customers

Supported platforms: Apple iOS 6.0 and higher, Google Android 4.0 and higher, PC (Windows 7 and higher, Mac OS X 10.7 and above)

I have tested the application for digizone.cz and you can find detailed information here.

To operate this service, you need an active UPC (digital TV) connection with the Klasik (Starter) or Comfort (Standard or Supreme) tariff and registration in "My UPC". You can then have up to 63 channels, but you actually get what you have to pay for in the UPC package, except HD channels that are not supported yet.

UPC Horizon Go is an excellently crafted application with basic features yet. Particularly great is the EPG (EPG) processing and is pleased with the easy sorting of channels and control at all.


Video quality control of the received video is only automatic and there is no recording or Time Shift available, so watching live TV with a delay. You can access the service on up to three mobile devices at the same time. Just log in through "My UPC".


TuneIn Radio - the best app for listening to internet radio!

Date: 2017-09-26, 1 months ago

If you enjoy listening to music of a variety of genres, spoken word or home news, then you will surely appreciate the TuneIn radio. With this app, you'll have almost all known and unknown radios all over the world via your smartphone interface. TuneIn Radio is simply one of the best applications for listening to internet radio.

TuneIn has everything you would like to promise from the internet radio listening application, including the support of many local stations, which you can usually listen to through the classic radio. The application offers a simple user interface that allows you to find the desired station clearly. If you do not have the idea of what station to look for, you still have a clear language or musical style, then the app will give you the suggestions. You can choose your station according to your musical style, language, and even locations. So if you want a station, for example, from Iowa, you can easily find it in the application in the list by searching.

The quality of the played stations is in the range from 64k to 192k and you even can play them through the mobile internet, but beware of the FUP limit of your connection. If you want to use TuneIn radio via mobile internet, we recommend that you monitor the data transfer of the application. It may easily happen that the FUP limit after a few days of listening is totally depleted. For the biggest data savings, it is also better to choose 64k data rates that are still acceptable and will not be so demanding on the FUP.

Since it is used to listen to stations via mobile internet, the authors have incorporated the so-called car mode into the application. This mode turns the application controls into much larger ones, making it easier to control the application while driving, making TuneIn a pleasant companion on the go.
You can add any station into your favorite radio list, and if you only like a particular song, TuneIn will help you with its identification. If you use TuneIn on multiple devices, it can be good to create an account or sign in through social networks because the app will store your favorite radio list on your online store, so you'll have access to it at any time after logging in. TuneIn is free of charge and you can buy a premium version of the app for few dollars, which allows the user to store any radio broadcast, into the device memory.
This application si great, if you are looking for a simple and functional tool to listen to online radio, TuneIn is one of the best choices. The application is stable, has a nice and user-friendly interface, offers a large selection of radios and in the case of the basic version it is completely free and we can recommend you TuneIn.


15 validated plug-ins for setting up shipping in WooCommerce

Date: 2017-10-05, 1 months ago

Virtually every larger e-shop requires more shipping settings than the basic installation of WooCommerce offers. That's why we bring you this overview, which makes sure you find the right plugin for your E-Shop. We summarize the main plug-ins feature, so you can easily tell, if the plugin is designed for the purpose you need. All plugins are tested and we had no major problem with them. Avoid unnecessary searches, just choose.

Flat Rate per Country / Country / Region for WooCommerce

  • It allows you to create any number of states, regions, or groups, and set a specific shipping price for each
  • Set shipping price for unspecified areas (rest of the world)
  • Set up free shipping rules for each area
  • Transportation can be charged for the entire order or per product

AWD Weight / Country Shipping for WooCommerce

  • Set shipping price according to order weight and delivery area
  • Pooling areas into groups, if transport costs are the same

Table Rate Shipping

  • It provides highly customizable transport options
  • It allows you to define transport by destination, price, weight or number of items
  • Creating zones for different destinations and shipping tables for each zone
  • Role-based payment / shipping methods
  • Allows you to set different payment and transport methods according to user roles

WooCommerce Distance Rate Shipping

Allows you to set a shipping price based on distance or travel time to your destination, total order price, total weight or number of items in your cart

Ideal, for example, for services that are performed at customers location or goods that can not be dispatched by a delivery service (for example, because of the need to install it by you)

Flat Rate Box Shipping

  • Advanced shipping billing options by packing into boxes
  • Prices are set for different box sizes and for different delivery locations
  • The price can be set according to the box size, weight and percent of the order price
  • Pricing option for non-incurable items (no box required)

Per Product Shipping

  • Set shipping costs for each product or variant
  • The price may vary depending on the place of delivery
  • Import and export via CSV
  • Ideal for non-standard items whose mode or shipping price varies

Shipping Multiple Addresses

  • Allows to order goods from one user account to multiple different addresses
  • One identical order or different quantities of multi-address products

Weight based shipping for WooCommerce

Easy pricing of transport by destination and weight

Shipping Gateway per Product

Set transport options for each product separately

WooCommerce Advanced Free Shipping

Allows you to set advanced free shipping options, according to conditions such as total order value, destination, routing code, weight, quantity, coupon, and lots more

WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping by Mangohour

  • Calculation of the transport price by destination, weight and total goods prices
  • Unlimited number of zones, unlimited amount of price levels
  • Additional charges (such as packing)
  • The premium version contains more options, such as multiple modes of transport

WooCommerce Weight and Country Based Shipping

This is a repair for the AWD Weight / Country Shipping plugin

Table Rate Shipping for WooCommerce

  • Create zones by country, region, or zip code
  • Transport prices by order, quantity, weight or dimensions
  • Returns one or more transport options
  • Volumetric transport cost calculation (dimension x weight)
  • High plugin ratings from users

WooCommerce Advanced Shipping

  • Easy to use, advanced setup and customization options
  • Possibility to set conditions by country, routing number, order price, quantity, weight, dimensions and many other parameters
  • Plugin uses conditional logic
  • Possibility to set several different modes of transport
  • High plugin ratings from users

Lenovo introduced the special Thinkpad to the 25th anniversary of the brand

Sometimes called "Retro Thinkpad" is Lenovo's new Lenovo notebook model, which the Chinese manufacturer wants to recall in the early epochs of this series, when Thinkpad was made by IBM and, frankly, so good, that "it was possible to hide behind them in the event of a nuclear explosion". In the years following the takeover of the division by Lenovo, Thinkpads began to look different, made from other materials and lost on modularity. Today's more or less one-piece bodies have nothing to do with the original Thinkpads, and Lenovo has been hearing this criticism for years. That's why there's an annual model.

ThinkPad 25 from a hardware point of view is build on the Core i7-7500i dual-core (4x HT) processor (the "Kaby Lake", released about one year ago), 16GB DDR4, additional GeForce 940MX with 2GB GDDR5 memory, 512GB PCI Express SSD , A 14 "FullHD display, another common current equipment, and especially a relatively classical IBM keyboard, and of course Microsoft Windows 10 Pro.

Those who are familiar with today's common Thinkpads will notice imaginative similarities with the ThinkPad T470s. Just like the modern Nokia 3310, it is only a facelift that is significantly cheaper Nokia 222, and the new Thinkpad 25 is just the facelift of another common model.

In this case, facelift is built on a older processor on the market. Allow me to criticize this notebook for the choice of hardware, because I think that publishing the annual edition of the jubilee of a major brand should look quite different. The Core i7-7500u is a dual-core 2.7GHz processor with TDP 15 W and HD Graphics 620 graphics. Instead, Lenovo could choose something far more appropriate, such as the Core i7-7560U (more powerful Iris Plus Graphics 640 for the same TDP) or the Core i7-8650U (quad-core, UHD Graphics 620 with the same TDP) - especially when prices of these CPU differ only by few dollars.

I think GeForce 940MX - this mobile graphics is also in the market for about 1 year, and it is the facelift of the previous generation, which has added only GDDR5 support, unnecessarily in the Thinkpad 25, regardless of the CPU (even if the Core i7-7500u is retained) it takes up space, increases the price and consumes energy, its 384 CUDA cores are low-end, compared to the better iGPU from Intel, but the Thinkpad 25 is built on an older common platform ThinkPad T470s in the configuration and half 8GB memories can be bought around $ 1,500.


Samsung allows to run common Linux distributions on its phones

Date: 2017-10-23, 1 months ago

Every Android hides a modified Linux kernel inside, but most users do not have the ability to run a regular Linux distribution on their devices. Samsung plans to offer such a feature, including a Linux desktop.

Samsung has announced that it will soon be able to run Linux distributions, including a Linux desktop. It is developing an application called "Linux on Galaxy" that allows users to run a popular distribution using the same core that runs Android.

This feature can be used in conjunction with the Samsung DeX docking station, which is available for Galaxy Note8, Galaxy S8 and S8 + devices. On the go, the phone will work as usual, it will be connected to the large display, keyboard and mouse after it is inserted into the docking station and will become a full-featured computer on which you can also run a Linux desktop.

By using Linux on Galaxy, users can run different Linux distributions of their choice. Whenever they need a feature that will not be available on the smartphone, they will be able to switch to an application and run any program in a Linux environment, Samsung explains.

However, the target group of this solution is mainly developers who can benefit from the fact that they carry their work environment with them. They will be able to follow up on their upgraded project anytime and anywhere.

According to Samsung, everything is still in the early stages of development, no dates or approximate estimates have yet been announced. It is possible to subscribe to news about the entire Linux project on Samsung phones.

For Linux enthusiasts it is certainly good news, having the ability to combine Android with a Linux desktop can be useful for some users. But now it's possible to do this with regular laptops with Android emulators, or with Terux, which allows you to use Linux distribution within a normal (non-rooted) Android.


How about the regulation of cryptocurrencies?

Date: 2017-10-23, 1 months ago

The cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more a matter of discussion in the academic and banking world, gradually leaving their original technological and anarchist framework. They can also lose a lot of freedoms for which they were born.

Defining what actually cryptocurrency is not easy at all. It is a form of a digital asset that serves as a means of change and to its security is used encryption, whether for transactions or for creating new units. It is a subset of digital currencies that are a subset of alternative payments.

This standardization may seem unnecessarily complicated, but it makes it possible to see the subject of cryptocurrencies in a wider perspective than just Bitcoin's disputes, which are more and more "seen" and more pronounced as their significance and volume of transactions rise as well as value grows. At the same time, however, there are also views that it is not a full-fledged currency in that much of the traders are deprived of it as soon as the transaction is made. Due to the large exchange rate, it may be that it does not serve for long-term depositing of funds, which is one of the essential features of the currency, meaning in social perspective.

The fact that cryptocurrencies are digital money is at first sight banal - what else should it be? But it also allows banks or states to think about this form of assets more structurally and clearly. Digital money is used, its flow is regulated and, in a number of respects, highly standardized. Conversely, the fact that it is an alternative currency could be more eccentric, each state would like to have its own or shared currency available and be in control of it. But that's not the case, because in a number of countries or sectors, they pay non-national currencies, for which the state has no influence. The cryptocurrencies are different - there is no state behind them, even though it will soon change. But even here we could find a counter-example - if we pay by golden bills, we do not need any national bank.

A rather interesting subject, which is also closely related to kryptomeni, is anonymity. By far the most anonymous method of payment is the use of normal physical payments, which are (albeit wholly exceptional exceptions) very anonymous. This is also one of the reasons why states try to limit themselves (though certainly not only).

Equally important is the discussion about the relationship crippled to an illegal or gray economy. For example, bitcoins can be expected to take over the role of the US dollar, and they will actually serve similar transactions (and they are no doubt working on darknet), but on the other hand, they cannot be expected to gain a very substantial share here, and there is nothing extraordinary. The problem may be more for the dollar, as a universal world currency than for the growth of crime.

In this context, it seems that although cryptocurrencies are somewhat a new phenomenon, with the first steps in 1998, with the fact that modern history can be observed only from 2011, so much to copy already known economic models, it was with another technology and other social impacts. So, there is a question of how the next direction of cryptocurrencies will be and what will happen in the future.

Estcoins and USC

Estcoins is a project that came with Vitalik Buterin, who is an online resident of Estonia and co-author of the cryptocurrency Ethereum. It is based on the idea that the Baltic Republic has a highly developed e-government and a number of "citizens" (residents) outside its territory. Having a currency that will be managed by the state, while being online and safe, would be practical and logical.

Estonia has been able to disrupt the traditional notions of how the state works. It can become a resident and do business online, which reduces (to the maximum legislative extent possible) the concept of nationality. It is also the leader in the digitization of state administration.

Such a change could be very interesting in the fact that the cryptocurrency will be controlled and issued by the state. For example, it could have an impact on mining, it can by regulating avoid market problems and thefts that are bothering Bitcoin, and at the same time, pushing for greater social acceptance of such a monetary concept. At the same time, however, it should be stressed that the introduction of Estcoins would be problematic in view of the use of the euro in Estonia, because the presence of two coexisting currencies does not allow for the European legislative framework. State currencies are also being talked a lot about China at the moment.

At the same time, however, one of the important pillars, namely the independence of the currency on the state, is undermined. And there is more than ever the question of whether such a step associated with regulations of cryptocurrencies will lead to damage or benefit. One of their current problems may be the issue of safety and legality, which are elements that regulation can positively affect. On the contrary, a heavily variable exchange rate may seem to have some effect, but at a relatively high price. The presence of regulation would allow cryptocurrency to work as high-risk, but functional and legal investments, so that funds, banks and other large institutions could also be launched. The question is, is this community about alternative money going to want? Regulation does not have to be blocking.

Another example of the newly planned cryptocurrency is the USC (Utility Settlement Coin), which may appear next year. There are large banks looking for an alternative way of quick and safe money transfer and the blockchain appears to be a fast, cheap and safe alternative. USC is intended to be an interbank currency and will serve, among other things, for the purchase of securities and bonds.

While most cryptocurrencies have so far begun "from the bottom", USC and Estcoins are examples of cryptocurrencies that have the opposite origin, and, above all, take on technical solutions and experience from basic ideas. In the case of both of these currencies, there will undoubtedly be a great deal of pressure on some forms of regulation. On the one hand, the concept will be strengthened socially, securely and legally, but at the same time it will take away some of its freedoms. Moreover, the introduction of a new currency and the subscription of shares is relatively similar.

It's worth it?

Regulation, of course, may not only have positive effects. Once the market is regulated, there may be substantial restrictions, such as in China or Russia, in the case of Bitcoin in recent weeks, to gradually change the rules that will result in both the more difficult development and operation of cryptocurrencies, such as the impact on anonymity, for example with regard to the fight against corruption.

On the other hand, an interesting environment may arise in which either the regulated and unregulated currencies will exist side by side, or regulation may cause the concept of cryptocurrencies to disappear or restrict, as we know it today. Such a fact could create a new, otherwise conceived payment strategy, including perhaps an unknown method of asset management. However, according to a statement that comes from banks and regulators across the Western world, some form of control and regulation will not prevent these currencies. The question is only when and in what way.

Personally, I believe that it can have a positive impact on the whole area in that the cryptocurrency will open to the wider public. Whether the number of users or the volume of transactions. And maybe by changing the way how about cryptocurrencies most of the people think. The question is, of course, whether regulation is worth it.


Graphics cards

Date: 2017-11-07, 1 months ago

A graphics card is a device that converts the signal from the computer to a form so it can be displayed on the monitor.

There are a whole range of graphic cards from the cheapest to the professional with prices in the value of thousands dollars. It's up to you to use which one you need. Most computer vendors offer computer assemblies based on individual component pricing and do not even take into account the actual needs of one or the other customer. Graphics cards differ in their processors, memory types and sizes, the bus for which it is intended, and the expansion capabilities.


The bus on the computer is a communication channel, after which each component exchanges data. The bus itself would not be too interested in the bus if there were no more types, and each type ended with a different type of connector for connecting other devices, such as a graphics card.

On a personal computer, you will most often encounter four types of bus: ISA, PCI, VL-Bus, AGP, PCI Express. If you have a very old computer (max 486), then only use ISA cards. However, if your computer already has a PCI bus, then the card will be in the interest of speed for this bus. At least some decent computers are equipped with PCI Express, which allows for even higher speeds and brings many other benefits.

Processor and memory

In principle, we distinguish between two types of memory: slow (RAM, DRAM ...) and fast (FastDRAM, SGRAM, VRAM, WRAM ...) Slow memory cards are very cheap but just for basic computer use. However, if you work in office applications and in simple programs, then such a card will suffice. In graphics-intensive programs, where you do not want to slow down your computer unnecessarily, a large part of the image needs to be calculated by the graphics card.

When purchasing a video card, the merchant may mention that it is a 64, 128, 256 or 512-bit card. This number tells you how much graphics data the processor can handle on the card, and thus, to some extent, performance. The larger the number of bits, the better the picture is the card can create.

What to expect from a graphics card

Maybe some of you still do not know what the speed of the graphics card is and what a quick card is. So then: If you only write texts, you do not need a too fast card. However, the card may not be too slow. Even the image you see as static (in motion) is in fact constantly renewed. However, a weak card does not restore the image fast enough and the image is blinking visibly, which will make your eyes short of pain. The larger the picture you use, the slower the card will restore.

How to buy a video card?

Experienced expert can sneak out a number of professional terms, but do not need to worry unnecessarily. If you do not have any special demands on your computer, then there are many cards on the market that will fully meet your needs. Standard in this area are cards with a memory size (on a graphics card, not on the motherboard) of 512 MB to 8 GB. However, if you want to use more demanding programs and above all games, it is better to ask for a so-called graphics accelerator (also referred to as a 3D card). These are many and their performance varies considerably. It's probably better to consult an expert or consult a specialist magazine that sometimes compares and evaluates such cards. In general, you can follow the CPU, memory, and bus advices listed above.

The amount of memory also limits the so-called image resolution. The image consists of individual points, and the more the points are, the more information you can see. If you are running a monitor with a 14 "diagonal screen, you should not use a resolution of more than 800 x 600 pixels and a 1 MB memory card is enough (in a 3D graphic there is a true 8 MB minimum because it is displayed at one time multiple images (textures) that make up the resulting image.) 15 "The monitor can now display 1024 x 768 pixels, and twice as much memory is needed.

Some computers have a graphics card integrated on the motherboard. This means you will not find the (removable) graphics card on your computer. You can recognize this board as the monitor connector is located directly on the board or connected to it by a flat cable. The disadvantage of an integrated graphics card is that it can not be replaced in case of a malfunction even if you need a more powerful card. However, such cards can be decommissioned for high-quality plates.


Security News - November 2017

Date: 2017-11-24, 1 months ago

New cryptolocker Bad Rabbit

On October 12, 2017, the SBU's Ukrainian security service warned against a planned massive cyber-attack against Ukraine, which, like the June Petya/NotPetya ransomware attack, is targeting both government institutions and private companies. He attacked about 12500 computer systems running Windows, encrypted files on them and demanding a ransom of $ 300 for their decryption, which is now about $ 6600; according to security experts, decryption could not work.

On 24 October, a large-scale computer attack of a new cryptolocker named Bad Rabbit was detected in Ukraine, which attacked, for example, the Odessa International Airport, the Kiev subway and the Ukrainian Ministry of Infrastructure. Other targets are in the Russian Federation, Bulgaria, Japan, Germany, Turkey, Montenegro and probably the United States.

The initial infection of the computer will take place after a user visits a compromised website and can be sure to click on the installation of an alleged Adobe Flash update; in fact, it will install malware that attempts to expand to other machines using the ETERNALROMANCE attack (MS17-010), and of course encrypts files on the disk, displays a warning message, and requests a ransom of 0.05 BTC, currently around $ 200.

Bad Rabbit malware code is actually taken from Petya/NotPetya malware. Unlike the previous ransomware, however, the security teams state that the mechanism of potential decryption should actually work; however, you need to be warned before paying the ransom, just as usual.

Extensive malware attacks on MS Word users

A new malware attack that exploits the well-known Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) in Microsoft Office allows malware to run on your computer. The dangers now do not lie in the fact that the user should allow macros to run as has been common; this time there are two considerably less bursting questions before the user:

This document contains links that may refer to other files. Do you want to update this document with the data from the linked files?

The remote data (...) is not accessible. Do you want to start the application c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe?

This malware is already being used extensively. The best defense is common sense, which is not to blindly accept any unsolicited offer.

Death of IoT is about to attack

Just before the year, October 25, 2016, an extremely powerful DDoS attack of the Mirai botnet took place at DYN's domain servers; it caused a massive downfall of many well-known Internet services. For example, Amazon, BBC, Fox, PayPal, Visa. There seems to be a similar or even larger attack in the near future: CheckPoint now warns against the new "IoT Reaper" bot, which consists of compromised IoT devices (Internet Things), allegedly now includes more than a million bottles, and each day about 10 thousand more. It uses vulnerabilities such as AVTECH, Goahead, JAWS, Vacron (IP cameras), D-Link, TP-link, Linksys, MikroTik, and NetGear (routers). Such a large number of boots would once again be well suited for massive DDoS attacks.

Opinions about the actual number of infected boobs in IoT Reaper are different, but the danger is real.

Dell has temporarily lost access to the DellBackupandRecoveryCloudStorage.com domain

This domain is normally used to back up and restore backed up files on Dell computers. The domain expired on June 1, 2017 and then bought by another company; malware was detected on the server. According to Dell, support for Dell Backup and Recovery has ended in 2016; but many customers were unlikely to be aware of it and could have leaked their data or infected their systems.


How do you capture Facebook's attention?

Date: 2017-11-27, 1 months ago

The visuals that companies use to promote on Facebook are much like billboards on motorways. You have roughly the same number of seconds before the user in your newsfeed is around your ad and takes about the same area of view. How to increase the likelihood of a user braking or even stopping? We have some tips for you.

Clarity and specificity

The message on your visuals must be absolutely clear at first glance. So no details, no little things. Both your product and your message must be "big". Both should be at the forefront and it must be absolutely clear what is happening, what you want to say.

Texts in visuals

Summarize the visual statement into a few words that you include directly in the image. But keep in mind the twenty percent rule. When the text exceeds most of the image, Facebook will limit the impact of your ad. Mostly, however, in a few moments, the graphics still stand.

Try also to add some unifying graphic element that will link all your visuals on Facebook. It should probably be based on the name, logo, and color of your product or business. This will make it clear to customers what you're talking about and where the picture belongs.

Some companies have established their entire communications and use only corporate colors, the logo, and the message text.

The most important thing in the video is the beginning

Autoplay on Facebook can turn off only a small percentage of users, so the views are rising. Does it bring anything to your mark? Check out Facebook Insights. Facebook counts the view for the first three seconds, which is about the time the user is going through his newsfeed - and he will not see much of your video very often.

That's why it's always the most important, the most interesting and your product is right at the beginning of the video. And for two reasons. Perhaps you will catch the viewer enough to keep looking. And if not, you have the chance to have noticed your product and sticking it somewhere in the back of your head.

GIF is king

GIFs are moving the internet, so why not try them too? You can start with just a little bit sharpened image, or cut off some of the toughest seconds of your video and use GIF as a teaser for the entire video that will be in the link.

Or try to make your own reaction GIFs, which you will use when communicating with fans. As Captain Pickard makes a facepalm or Chuck Norris shows his thumbs, we've all seen a thousand times. But what if the "face" in your hand was hiding your corporate mascot, the dog, or if your thumb was shown by a leader in your palm your George - technician?


Few Tips on How to Write Successful Automatic Emails

Date: 2017-12-14, 1 months ago

When preparing a marketing campaign, registering a new client or loyalty programs. Everywhere, automatic emails can make it easier for you to work. And also increase campaign success. So, if you prepare them properly. And so we'll advise you how to do it.

Automatic (or trigger) emails are triggered by themselves based on an action. This is not only the user's involvement in the campaign and its next steps, but it can also be different holidays or regular seasonal discounts.

The right software is important

Automatic emails are prepared without specialized software, such as Mailchimp, Act-on, Drip. Some tools will also handle namescripting, allowing you to personalize your emails. For example, you plan on the system:

  • the number and order of individual emails,
  • their content,
  • The situation for which the system is sending
  • Groups of addressees.

The software can automatically move individual users between groups - depending on whether and what action they have done. And it's up to you to evaluate and modify everything so that the campaign is as effective as possible.

To make the least adjustments, follow the following rules.

1. Plan everything correctly

Consider not only what the emails will be about, what their purpose or who they are, but also:

  • how long the campaign will last,
  • What will be the spacing between emails,
  • What situations can happen.

Keep in mind that a lot of situations can happen in your campaign. The client may download the trial version of the program, but will not open or install it. So be prepared for all options.

At the same time, calculate the minimum and maximum amount of emails your client receives in the campaign. Plan their frequency so that it does not bother in the most extreme cases. And so that no customer is afraid you have forgotten him.

2. Consider the shape of the sender

Be sure to also plan who will be signed by email. For marketing campaigns, this may be, for example, the employee responsible for the product or offer that customers can turn to.

But if you send only automatic birthday wishes, just send it as a birthday messenger.

3. Show the user what is waiting for him/her

Whether you are sending a customer a birthday wish or starting a campaign for a new product, always show him what's next. Explain to him what to do. And what happens after they follow the instructions.

If you tell him how to pick up the discount or download it, it is more likely that the client will really finish the action. They will not be lost at any intermediate point.

At the same time, offer him any help in each email. He knows he can contact you at any time. Offer him, for example:

  • your phone number,
  • the ability to reply to an email,
  • Contact customer support
  • or a link to an online form where you can describe your problem.

And if you can guarantee fast response, do not be afraid to promise an answer within an hour.

4. Remind, remind, remember

Count on the fact that a lot of readers will not do the right action right now. So do not be afraid to remind them all. Note that the discount will expire in a few days, or resubmit a download link. If the client has forgotten, he will certainly appreciate it.

By the way, according to Mailchimp data, your emails will only open up to just over 20% of recipients (and even fewer in some industries). That's why it really pays to remind you of important announcements.

And if the customer does not respond after a few reminders, try to find out what has deterred him and ask him for feedback. Either reply to your email or fill in an online questionnaire. Get valuable information to help you improve your campaign significantly.

5. Do not forget to call-to-action

Remember that every email must have a clear call-to-action. Otherwise, you can not expect the customer to do that.

In one email, always use one call-to-action (repeatedly). If you are encouraging readers to take more steps, they will not know what to do before. And the chances that they really click on a challenge are getting smaller.

6. Watch the style

As with any other business emails, it is also true for the automatic ones that they must honor the company's communication style.

If you communicate with the customer in a friendly and light-hearted way, show it to him. And if there is not too much space for jokes, save them with emails as well. The client then knows what to expect, for example, at a meeting. And there is no unpleasant surprise.


Firefox is in anonymous browsing faster than Chrome

Date: 2018-01-26, 1 months ago

By publishing Firefox 57, Mozilla has managed to compare the Google Chrome browser rate. However, the recent published results of speed comparisons in anonymous mode are no less interesting.

What is Firefox 57 Quantum about?

Let's recall briefly what the most recent version of Firefox, 57 (also known as Quantum), has bring to us. First of all, this is largely the new engine of a browser that is multithreaded, and, like the Chromium browser, can do things much faster.

Among the more negatively perceived news is the change in browser appearance (GUI Australis replaced by GUI Photon) and the definitive disabling of support for old plug-ins / extension and their replacement with new Webextensions.

In general, however, Mozilla claims that Firefox 57 / Quantum is twice as fast as the previous version of Firefox 52 (the current ESR version), and often a bit faster than Chrome when comparing page load.

Anonymous mode speed

Most comparative measurements logically dealt with the standard browser runtime. Mozilla has thus re-measured the performance of both browsers (Firefox and Chrome) in anonymous browsing mode. It should be borne in mind that the following results were measured by one of the creators of the tested browsers and can not be put into the fire for the absolute independence of the test methodology. This is just one thing anyone can check for themselves at any time (which can not be said about the latest CPU, GPU or camera and phone tests).

The question is why browser speeds in anonymous (private) mode should be different from normal mode speed. The answer is fairly simple: today's pages often load a lot of code from other sites, including tracking elements, that are used for later analyzes or more targeted advertising. These elements make the page quite often quite demanding, and every now and then they experience the fact that the page loads are stuck, because some code is not loaded or retrieved (typically, it can be seen in advertising systems). These are parts of pages that block browsers in anonymous mode.

Firefox has Tracking Protection enabled by default in anonymous mode from 2015. The list of elements (and pages) that the browser blocks in this mode is quite extensive and, according to Mozilla, is a balanced blocking compromise , and there are no pages that match the Do Not Track user / browser request as defined by EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation). As a result, in anonymous browser mode, you can get to a much faster retrieval of your site. A previous study in 2015 showed that the median decrease in the reading time of the world's major news sites was 44%.

But at that time, it was about the "old Firefox" statistics. Today we have Quantum, which, combined with the above-mentioned savings from anonymous mode, marks another significant reduction in speed compared to incognito Chrome mode, because Chrome does not consider anti-tracking in anonymous mode in the way Firefox uses it.

Methodology of the test

The test was conducted by Disconnect, which is behind the list of Tracking Protection domains. Web site loading time was measured at 200 Alexa.com news sites in the Firefox Quantum (v57.0b10v57 beta) and Chrome version (v61.0.3163.100) browsers available at the moment. The test will be very outdated and its results will become more and more irrelevant in the course of days-weeks-months.

Each page has been loaded ten times. Load time was measured using the PerformanceTiming API in both browsers. Total time took time between PerformanceTiming.loadEventEnd and PerformanceTiming.navigationStart. The test was run by an automated script, all running on a Macbook Pro 2017 with 3.1GHz Intel Core i5, 16GB of memory, and macOS 10.13 as Wi-Fi 802.11ac connectivity. More specifically, the methodology in a


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